Adult Training

Prerequisite: Intro Clinic or Equivalent Experience 

What is Adult Training: Interested in the next steps after the Intro Clinic? Check out the 4-week developmental training; the next-step training for the seriously inquiring archer

For Adults; ages 18 and up

prior experience required; Intro Clinic or equivalent (by approvals)

Adult Training: $110 (4 Weeks)

Intermediate Clinic: $112 (4 weeks)

*All gear and instruction included.
*Premium rental fees apply.

**To keep prices low check or cash only.

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*If under 18 years of age, perental consent is required on the day of the event.
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Intermediate Clinic:

Prerequisite:Adult Training or by Approvals Only

 A 4-week training session for shooters with prior technical experience (Adult Training or equivalent). Distance training in the Main Range with emphasis on sighting in, aiming, and controlled shooting accuracy.