We’re a small operation – we welcome your inquiries, but responding to emails limits our ability to get you all shooting. Many of the answers to your inquiries are available online – thanks in advance for checking it all out, as the majjick of our website on the interwebs will answer your questions

What are you hours?

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tues-Fri: 6-9PM
  • Saturday: 12-6PM
  • Sunday: 12-5PM

When is walk-in shooting available?

    Please check for open time on our Calendar here or for more information on Walk-in Shooting click here

How Much for Classes: it depends on the class of interest:

Why is Archery Safety Orientation Mandatory?

Archery Safety Orientation is REQUIRED for all new shooters to the ‘Range as both a courtesy (to other shooters) and safety (for yourself and for others) requirement. Orientation is included in all scheduled classes and private events. For walk-in archery, Orientation is required for all new arrivals and occurs at the beginning of your hour of open shooting. The average duration of orientation is 10-15 minutes. The duration may vary depending on scheduling/timetable. The Safety Orientation provides all shooters a consistent context that is both efficient and safe. Your Archery Community thanks you in advance for your safe participation!

Can I bring my own bow and shoot at the ‘Range?

We encourage you to shoot with your own gear – Caveat: You gear must be in working condition and deemed appropriate to be used indoors at our ‘Range. Feel free to bring in your own and we can take a look. We reserve the right to inspect/approve all gear used at our ‘Range.

Why is there not a phone at the ‘Range?

Well, as a passion-project group of shooters. We could either (1) work with you all to get you shooting, or (2) answer phones. When it’s busy here at the ‘Range, the rule is Safety First, so hence, no phones. If you ask us to call you, recognize this isn’t going to happen. Appreciate your understanding!

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Sorry, no phone. We're busy helping folks play bow!

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