Private Events

What is a Private Event: Yup. For the event that distinguishes your private event from the run-of-the-mill outing. Archery Bow Range Chicago has a package for every kind of group. We invite you to bring your friends and family to enjoy a fun-filled, exciting day at Archery Bow Range Chicago. So wrangle your troops and come shoot with us!

Birthday Parties: Archery birthday parties at Archery Bow Range Chicago are totally cool! A birthday party at Archery Bow Range Chicago is non-stop excitement, for ages 8 and up.

Corporate Events: Archery is also a great corporate event - let us know what type of event interest: social, competitive, or team-building and we'll make it happen for your outing.

For private archery events, we offer a 1 hour archery option. The 1hr archery event supports groups up to 16-20 shooters and allows everyone to gain a taste of archery (without becoming too tired).

Longer duration events are possible; let us know your thoughts.

To reserve a date/time, please:

  • Check the website calendar for availability during date(s)/time(s) of interest
  • Send an email with your date(s)/time(s) 
  • Once the 'Range has confirmed availability, 
  • Send a cash/check deposit of 1/2 the total to our address - 'Archery Bow Range Chicago' - address on our website (or drop off in person)

Please note the pricing above is for events held during our regular 'Range hours; special events are also possible during select day hours, with premium pricing.

Due to the busy 'Range schedule, at present, we cannot offer time/space for food/drink events; thank you for your understanding.

Once your deposit is received, we will block the date/time on the website calendar and confirm with you via email.

As courtesy to the 'Range, a minimum of 1 week advance notice is required (this will minimize the risk of Archery Crashers). To adequately plan staffing,  please advise the relative final headcount a few days prior to the event...

Private Archery  = Awesome!

**To keep prices low check or cash only.

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