Walk-in Archery (aka Open Shooting)

How does it work?

Open Shooting is available to well-behaved archers and visitors when nothing is scheduled in the CLINIC room. No reservations are required, but you must check for 'Range availability.

Check the website Calendar and click on the date/time of interest for your visit: 

If nothing is scheduled in the CLINIC room, then come on in!  If the 'Range is busy, we will prorate your time as per 'Range availability. 

If an event is scheduled for the CLINIC room, then Open shooting is not available.

Minimum age for walk-in archery is 8yo (safety first!)

Maximum group size for walk-in archery: 5 or less shooters (it can get busy; the best benefit for a larger group, a Private Event is recommended)


New Shooters (new to Archery and/or new to Archery Bow Range Chicago)

  • Pricing for new shooters is $20 per person for 1 hour of archery

  • Included in this pricing is the MANDATORY Orientation required for all new visitors to the 'Range; New Shooter Orientation is required for both safety and sociability purposes (thankyouverymuch for your understanding)

Returning Shooters

  • $10 for own gear (the 'Range reserves the right to inspect gear and determine if appropriate for indoor shooting at the 'Range)

  • $5 for standard bow rental (separate fee for premium gear rentals)

  • CAVEAT: Pricing for returning shooters is contingent on your memory of archery safety rules and etiquette.

    • ...Tell us what you remember...

    • ...Make it relevant to archery...

    • ...We reserve the right to query and make fun of you for anything mis-remembered & unrelated...

Please note:

  • There are 2 shooting rooms (Main and Clinic). Oftentimes the Website Calendar will look 'busy,' but events might apply only to the Main 'Range. As long as the CLINIC room is available, Open shooting is available.

  • For walk-in archery, since the Clinic room is 'open' to walk-in archers, if the Clinic room is busy, all shooters must take turns. Everyone is required to play together nicely and in accordance to Archery Community Harmony (ahem - 'Range Safety Rules)

  • If the 'Range is busy, your 1 hour of archery is prorated. Please plan your time accordingly.

  • As Open Shooting can be a busy time, open shooting is not recommended for groups of 5 or more - we'd recommend scheduling a Private Event for your attendees. With a Private Event, you'll be able to shoot with your group without interruptions (taking turns, etc.) To inquire about a private event, check out the Private Events page for specifics.

  • All fees are on the hourly basis. No proration is offered for shorter durations. (Good fun things take time to learn; give yourself the time to enjoy)

  • Safety Rules! (it's real, so keep it all safe)

  • Pricing is in USD.

**To keep prices low check or cash only.